Choosing the Best Kind of Pool Tiles in Melbourne

A large number of customers in Melbourne struggle when it comes to choosing the right kind of pool tiles, basically because their decision is based on what looks good today instead of choosing what will look good in the years to come.

Being able to choose the right type of tiles is not the same when you are choosing floor and wall tiles for the interior use as there are more things that need to be consider. It is important to have a plan that you can follow so you will have something to assist you as you make the most effective choices that will ensure an easier life down the road.

Tiles for the pool are subject to wear and tear, especially if the pool is always used throughout the year. In this case, pool repair is needed. However, what if you would like to change your current tiles? How would you choose and what type would you prefer?


Here are some of the most Popular Type of Tiles Used in Pools

Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles

These types of tiles are very common in swimming pool surfaces for a very long time now. Porcelain and ceramic are budget-friendly and they can even be hand-painted so it fits your design preferences. These types are made from versatile materials that allows pool owners to create intricate designs and mosaic that will enhance the beauty of the pool.


Glass Tiles

Over the years, this type of pool tiles has started to gain popularity among home pool owners in Melbourne. Although it is more expensive compared to the other types that can be used for the pool, there are choices to choose from as an alternative to achieve a unique design.

Glass tiles are non-porous which means that the material is not prone to damages as much as porcelain or stone tiles. Such type also tends to last longer and its transparent surface complements the water in the swimming pool.


Stone Tiles

If you want a more natural look and feel for your pool, you should opt for stone tiles. Many homeowners who prefer Mediterranean and rustic designs choose this type for their pool. This is a great choice as it is affordable, especially if you will be buying in large quantities. In some cases, there are some designers that import this tile from other countries as per the instruction of the homeowner. Moreover, stone tiles can last for a very long time and this means that you will be getting great value for your money.

Creating a beautiful and elegant environment for the pool is a worthwhile investment and something that is always possible to happen as long as you know what you want and you have the right materials.