3D Printing Perth: Is it For You?

3D printing makes it possible to create parts by building them in layers. It offers a lot of advantages compared to traditional manufacturing techniques. Although it is unlikely to replace the traditional methods, there are a lot of applications where 3D printing Perth delivers a design with the best accuracy and speed from functional materials.

Knowing the different advantages that three-dimensional printing brings will be helpful in choosing the best manufacturing process and allows them to deliver the best quality products.



Among the many advantages of 3D printing Perth is the speed when producing parts unlike with other manufacturing methods. Even complex designs can simply be uploaded from a CAD model then printed in just a few hours. With this, it becomes possible to quickly perform rapid verification, as well as the development of ideas. In the past, it may take a few days or weeks to get hold of a prototype, but now, addictive manufacturing puts the model in the designer’s hands in just a few hours.


Single-step Manufacture

One concern that designers often face is how they can manufacture a part in the most efficient way. The majority of parts need a lot of manufacturing steps to be produced with the use of traditional technologies. But the use of a 3D printing machine allows a complete setup in a single step without any interaction from the operator of the machine during the build phase. It is capable of producing parts in a single step, thus reducing the dependence on other manufacturing processes.


Complexity and Freedom in Design

The restrictions that are imposed by traditional manufacturing on what could be made are not really relevant for additive manufacturing. Given that components are constructed by layer, one at a time, the design requirements like undercuts, draft angles, and tool access do not apply when designing the parts that need to be printed.

Although there might be some restrictions on the minimum size that could be accurately printed, a lot of these limitations revolve around how to orientate a print in order to reduce support dependency and the chances of print failure. This offers designers a great amount of freedom and allows them to easily create complex geometries.



3D printing does not only give more freedom to designers, but it also offers them complete design customization. Since the present technologies in additive manufacturing do best in building parts one at a time, they become great for one-off production. Such a concept has been accepted in the dental and medical industry to manufacture implants, dental aids, and custom prosthetics.



In additive manufacturing, the method only uses the necessary materials to build a part. A lot of processes utilize raw materials that could be re-used and recycled in over one build. With this, the process only produces little waste.

It is no wonder why 3D printing is becoming more popular each day. The many benefits it has to offer allows us to have more promising things that we can expect in the future.