How to Maintain Your Bunded Tanks in Tip-top Shape All the Time?

Bunded tanks are wonderful storage facilities, and you can practically use them on a wide array of domestic and commercial applications. If your home is equipped with a bunded fuel tank, it is of paramount importance that you know exactly how to maintain them well, ensuring along the way that there are no leaks as far as possible. 

Accidents may well happen anytime and unexpected problems may come to the surface and might cause you to be caught by surprise. But for as long as your tank is well taken care of, things will still turn out okay in the end. 

Here are a few good points to follow when it comes to maintaining your bunded storage tank.  

Don’t Buy Too Much of Anything

Whatever it is that you are storing in your bunded tank, most of the time you’d find it very tempting to purchase as much of it as you can most especially when its retail price is lower. Oil, for instance, would naturally have a fluctuating market price all throughout the year. This incessant and often unpredictable hike in price is often brought about by various external factors, to which we don’t have control. 

When there is too much of anything in your bunded fuel tank, it naturally makes it much easier for a leak or an overflow situation to occur. With this happening, it can wreak havoc of unimaginable proportion to the surrounding environment. 

Regular Inspections

It is of paramount importance for homeowners who installed a bunded tank anywhere inside their property to know how they can carry out a weekly tank inspection. While many people would think that this will sound like a lot of work to do, but if you will just incorporate it to your weekly chore and try to do it at the same time every week, then it would lighten things up for you as it eventually becomes habitual

Regularly inspecting your tank will help you spot on issues that will require your immediate attention, right before they become a full-blown problem which can lead to major consequences and may cost you a lot of money to fix. 

What do you need to look for them? This includes physical damage to the tank of any kind, dirt and dust forming. Besides doing a round of inspection on the tank on a weekly basis, you also need to see to it that you shut off pipework and valves. The bund lid should remain locked when the system is not in use. They are very inviting to vandals, who, most often than not are not even realizing the real hazards they can possibly cause should they just make an attempt and try to use them.  

See to It That Pipework Fittings Are Tightened

In bunded fuel tanks, when you have loose pipework fittings, this can eventually translate to a rather big and major problem. Thus, you need to get them checked and inspected on a regular basis. When conducting your weekly inspections, you may add doing pipework audits, too.  And even if you are regularly inspecting your pipework, we highly recommend that a professional engineer or a boiler technician inspect it annually. 

Cleaning the Interior

Cleaning the interior of your bunded fuel tank may not always be possible to do all the time. If you are using the tank constantly, having it shut down long enough so you can empty it of its contents and thus allowing you to safely clean it may not be feasible to do all the time. But if you have the chance of doing so, you will see a world of difference that it makes just so you can have an efficient tank. And no matter what you do, over time there will be a sludge build up within your bunded tank — and you know for a fact that this sludge will have to be removed, otherwise, it will cause you trouble and headache.  


If you are inexperienced, cleaning your bunded tank can be done by a professional instead. You don’t have to do the work yourself, considering the fact that it is also highly dangerous. A qualified specialist usually has years of experience in this line of work and may have all the safety gears to help him in doing the job and make it out safely. 

Deliberately disregard the safety protocol on cleaning your tank and you will run the risk of your insurance company invalidating your insurance policy or its warranty will get voided by your supplier.  

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