CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale: The Pros and Cons

Many people who have seen CNC plasma cutter for sale in various stores become very curious about it. This is actually among the most valuable tools used in different businesses in today’s time. This tool is so versatile that it plays a crucial role in the construction and manufacturing industries.  This makes many people wonder how efficient these tools are. Also, they are interested to know if such also has some disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons you need to know about plasma cutter.

The Pros and Cons of CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale

For more than 50 years now, plasma cutters have always been the preferred method when it comes to cutting metals. And since the 70s, it has gained acceptance in different industries due to its advantages.

The Pros

Fast- it does not require pre-heating; thus, the torch can start cutting right away.

Versatile- it performs intricate cutting as well as beveling in a single operation. It is capable of piercing and can cut through any type of electrically-conductive metal with thickness of up to 6”.

Precise- does not require any secondary operations. It is also partnered with high-precision components and advanced software. Its head torch is controlled by a computer to produce clean and sharp cuts.

Easy to Use- although the machine itself may seem a bit complicated at first, the use of CNC software makes the job easier that even a first-time operator can produce great results.

Safe- the majority of the system has a down-draft or exhaust system that draws smoke away.

High-quality Cut- produces high-quality edges as a result of its tight integration between the software and cutting torch.

The Cons

Cost- this may cost a bit more. But its high-quality and faster cutting speed allows faster production with less-intensive secondary operations. Its accuracy and efficiency make it a worthy investment.

Hardened Edges- since the plasma produces a heat affected zone, it can harden the edges of the material that is being cut.

Dross- the majority of the cut parts may have some dross that should be cleaned.

There are many low-price, as well as mid- low-quality cutters that can be found on the market. Poor workmanship, design, inefficient components, and older technology can greatly shorten the life of a plasma cutter and prevent companies from realizing their productivity goals. Something that looks good up front will just actually end up costing them more time and money.

Thus, when shopping for a CNC cutter machine, be sure that you consider a plasma cutter. It has a long list of benefits and pros which makes it a profitable and formidable cutting machine. Although all machines have their own set of cons, you can always check if the cons outweigh the pros or otherwise and decide from there.


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