The Different Types of Pool Tiles

Having a pool is what many of us dreams of and we want to make it extra special by having the best pool tiles available out there. As more and more people decide to have a pool in their home, the demand for tiles has been constantly increasing. This means that finding durable and beautiful tiles is easy. You can choose from a wide array of tiles that come in different types.


Types of Pool Tiles

Porcelain and Ceramic

The ceramics that are used today in swimming pools started as a clay that has been fired in a kiln at a very high temperature until it turns waterproof. Porcelain is basically a ceramic that has been fired at higher temperatures. As a result, it turns very hard and changes its color in a way that it will not fade even when exposed to treated water or under the sun.

Porcelain tiles are often chosen because of their luster and great feel but can be more brittle compared to ceramic pool tiles.


Mosaic Tiles

These types of tiles come in sheets that can be easily installed around the bottom or the sides of the pool. These are great as they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. They can be made either of ceramics of glass.


Glass Tiles

Glass is considered to be a miraculous material. This is because of the fact that it is not affected by water, chemicals, or sunlight. This is also why glass tiles are often preferred by many pool owners. There are more options when it comes to glass tiles compared to porcelain or ceramic. These tiles can make the pool appear a lot deeper and larger instead of appearing floaty. Although glass is a bit more expensive, lighted and glass pool at night will just look spectacular.


Stone Tiles

If you want a more natural look for your pool, then this should be the perfect choice. For stone tiles, various types of stones are used like sandstone, granite, and limestone. Pebbles and cobbles are also great to complete the look. Since the majority of stones and porous, this type of tile should be sealed so they will not be damaged by water or get stained.

You have the option on how you want your tiles to be installed in your pool. You can have them all over your pool or in the water line, which is a more cost-saver option. Many homeowners choose tile in the shades of blue but you can also choose colors that contrast with the water or the ones that match the structure near your pool. This is a nice way to make the color pop.