No Excuses For Not Using An LED Bulb

LED bulb

If you thought that the use of LED bulbs was just restricted to them being used as an alternative to halogen bulbs, then think again. You can now purchase them in just around any size and type of fittings that you may think of, and they now come in a wide variety of common fittings such as GU 10, MR 16, candle bulbs, golf and globe bulbs and GLS fittings. GLS LED Bulbs will probably be the ones that you may well be the most interested in as they are used in the replacement of traditional full-size light bulbs typically found in overhead pendant lights and standard lamps. These full-size bulbs are ceasing to be made the way they were due to the older filament bulbs being hugely inefficient and very unfriendly to the environment to produce.


Popular LED replacements are available to replace older halogen bulbs that while giving out a lot of light, also consume huge amounts of power.

You can now even purchase strip lights that are made up of LED’s linked together, meaning that the applications that you cannot replace a traditional bulb with an LED bulb are few and far between.

Many of these replacement bulbs are designed to look near identical in shape to the traditional bulbs that they are replacing, and this helps in making them easily identifiable when you are purchasing them in a store. While the technology encapsulated within an LED bulb is vastly different to the one that it is replacing, the screw threads or push in fixings are identical in style to the ones on the older bulbs that they are replacing. This means that they push in or screw in on a like for like basis. This also means that it is virtually impossible to put the wrong bulb in the wrong fixing.

The advantages of LED’s are almost too numerous to list here, for one thing, they will save you a considerable amount on your electricity bill as they only use between 15% and 20% of the electricity that a conventional bulb does. They are also cool to the touch, which means there is no risk of fire or any risk of anyone burning themselves changing the bulb. So you can see you have no excuses not to use LED Bulbs.

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