Tips to Help Buy the Right Sort of LED Downlight

LED Downlight

With such a wide range of LED downlights in Singapore now available to choose from deciding which ones to buy can prove difficult, especially if you haven’t purchased such before. So in order to help you with making your purchase we offer some tips below that you may find useful when it comes to buying the right kind of LED downlight.

Tip 1 – What Wattage?

As you will already know that the wattage these types of light fittings is considerably less than you would find in say incandescent or fluorescent lights and yet they are able to produce considerably more light. Generally the higher the wattage an LED downlight has then of course the more light is going to emit.
There are 3 reasons for why this may occur and below we look at what these are.

Reason 1 – The type of LED chip the manufacturer installs could affect how much light they emit.

Reason 2 – The color of the LED light even if the same chip is being used in them can also significantly affect how much light they emit.

Reason 3 – Finally it depends on what sort of materials have been used to make these lights will affect how much light they emit and how bright it is.

Tip 2 – Size Of Area You Want Illuminated

When it comes to this factor you need to take into consideration how high up these down lights are going to be installed. This will then affect the beam spread of the light that you install.

For example if you are intending to install and LED downlight in a ceiling that is between 2.5 and 3.5 metres high then you need to install ones that have a 60 degree beam angle. However if the ceiling you are installing such lighting in are 3.5 or 4.5 metres high then a beam angle of 38 or 40 degrees is needed. As for ceilings that measure over 5 metres high then an LED downlight will be required that has a beam angle of between 24 and 30 degrees.

Hopefully the tips we have offered you above when you want to purchase an LED downlight prove useful and help to provide you with the right level of illumination you need.